Tapestri Team Rotator

You have joined Tapestri as an affiliate. Now what?

You can message anyone with a pulse, but usually that ends up with people block you, Ignoring you or worse, right?

We have seen this happen a lot, so with that in mind, we have set up this rotator system.

It works on a sequential basis.

How it works

Say there are 3 people in the rotator. Visitor 1 wants to join and clicks the join link. The person joins person 1. The second person clicks the link and will join person 2. Visitor 3 joins person 3 and so on. This goes on until all the members in the rotator have been visited and it goes back to the start. Hence the name “rotator”.

Your name will be added once your a paid member.

The list will get bigger the more it is shared.

Your only job… Is to share the page.

That’s ALL you have to do.

What does it mean when someone joins someone in the team with BUILD.

John shares. Sandra gets a signup

Sandra shares. John gets signup…

It’s really very simple. Promote the page. Get sales.

If 100 people share the page daily sales will be made.

Where can you share it?

  • Facebook – Groups on your wall.
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

You can share on traffic sites using banners or text links.

We can show you how.

There is an abundance of places to share the page. It’s never-ending.

Most people focus on Facebook right? Think bigger.

Grab the page.. When you are listed you will get the page in your email.

If we work as a team everyone will grow faster than working on an individual basis.

To build the rotator system costs money… that’s why we need to charge £10 a month. A very small amount if it grows your brand right?

You do need to understand a few things before you commit.

  1. EVERYONE needs to share the page. If you don’t do that then don’t expect results. Deal?
  2. It might take several months for you to see growth but I have access to stats and I’ll put them in a group chat on a regular basis this also shows me who is not sharing.
  3. If your going to join then all you need to do is share this page (not this one!). If you don’t do this then don’t come to me wondering why you have no signups? Deal?
  4. Teamwork helps the team grow. Everyone must play their part.
  5. Believe me, by sharing the main page you WILL see growth without annoying people and you really don’t want to do that.

The entire purpose of a this specific rotator is a TEAM share. Everyone shares.

We might have some people who struggle to recruit… This will help them get recruits.

You might not be able to get on your pc one day… This helps you build.

You might not have access to wifi – This still helps you build.

However, Please do note it is a team effort. Everyone working together as a team to help each other.

Click the payment link below to get listed. Once I see the order I will be in touch. Allow 24 hours to be added to the rotator. I’ll let you know when it’s live.

You can pay using Paypal or Stripe.


£10 / Month:



£10 / Month: