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ATTENTION: Home Business Owners Who Want More Leads and Sales

"HOW TO Get More Leads and Signups for Your Home Business"

WITHOUT Constantly Fighting The Competition!

  1. If you are a Network Marketer or in a business that requires you to recruit, either you followed the training and contacted friends and family, so everyone now avoids you, or
  2. Spent many hours posting your link in Facebook groups with no response or activity. Whichever option you chose, it certainly wasn’t worth the time or effort. Leaving you back where you started…totally lost as to what to do to get more leads and sign ups for your network marketing business.

Or you did BOTH! – with the same results!

Fortunately, there’s a solution…

Introducing The B.E.A.S.T Marketing System

What is the B.E.A.S.T Marketing System?

It’s a system that will help home business owners to develop and grow their reach all over the online space. You will learn new skills to be able to grow your business using more than just Social Media.

This is the concept:

  • Blogging – you can learn how to blog correctly and have access to our blog as an author. Blogging can help to brand YOU in your marketplace.
  • Email – Email marketing still works, so you will be able to learn how to market to potential new prospects using email.
  • Affiliate – You can learn about using affiliate marketing to help fund a network marketing business, or just to get a little extra income to enable you to afford more advertising for your home business, whatever it is.
  • Social Media – We will provide training on how to set up your social media for business. You need to stand out from the crowd and it’s amazing how many home business owners that don’t do this.
  • Training – You will be able to ask for help at any time and if there is no training yet available, we will source some or create it from scratch for you. All training is free to paying members.

B(logging). E(mail). A(ffiliate). S(ocial Media). T(raining).

​There is more! please read on...

The Beast Marketing System helps you to get qualified leads into your business by attracting them to you…

  • No more repeated posting in Social Media Groups.

  • No more fighting for the prospect’s attention against hundreds of others.

  • No more blind hope you will get a reply.

  • No more seeing your friends and family dodging you and making excuses if you ask them to come around for a coffee!

This unique system helps you to get more exposure on Google and other search engines, leading to more traffic to your business…

The B.E.A.S.T Marketing System Crushes the Competition!

Although Our System isn’t the only service providing lead generation methods on the market, it’s very different to others!


Because it offers your very own web page that you have full control over and the ability to edit it yourself or with our help.

You will also be able to use our blog to help build your authority, with full training on how to do that if you are a beginner. This helps to grow your personal brand too!

As a member of the system you will get access to our new membership site (coming soon) and have access to ALL our training included in your low monthly fee.

Our competitors don’t offer a fully optimised, unique webpage that helps brand you and attracts leads to you.

However, if you want to attract new business seekers to you and your opportunity, you need to do more than post on Social Media and/or pester friends and family —

you need The B.E.A.S.T Marketing System!

Your Own Personalised Web Page - YOUR Online Real Estate!

The Basic Level costs less than the cost of a family sized takeaway!

I know what you’re probably thinking right now.

Sure, it sounds great, but how do I know this system works?

We Market and SEO Optimise Your Page for the Best Results.

To understand what makes The B.E.A.S.T Marketing System so powerful, let me tell you the thinking behind what we are doing…

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change
Dr Wayne Dyer.

Use Your Personal Story to Connect With The Visitor

The B.E.A.S.T Marketing System will do this because it:

  • helps you to engage with the page visitor on a more personal level.
  • includes the technical and traditional SEO that you may struggle with.
  • provides you with your own personal web page that you have full control over.

Join the B.E.A.S.T Marketing System

Arrange a free 30-minute consultation where everything will be explained to you in detail, and what is required from you to build your page…

Join the exclusive Facebook Group and meet the team…

The FASTEST Way to Improve Your Personal Brand and Exposure on Search Engines

Most people limit themselves by believing that good results take a long time.

While it can work that way, it doesn’t have to.

Not when we do all the groundwork and promotion to increase your prospects from more than one place..

Think about it.

By sharing your page wherever you can on Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media platforms, you could build your personal brand, build your team from people contacting you instead of you chasing them!

All thanks to The B.E.A.S.T Marketing System.

Imagine What It Would Be Like To...

Wake up to emails (or Facebook messages) from new prospects

Increase sales

Get that notification that you have reached another level in your business

You can have all of these things with The Beast Marketing System.

But Don’t Take My Word For It! Read What Our Clients Have To Say…

Laurie Curtis: "Amazing and Efficient Service! Love this Team So supportive."

Karolina V: "Join with confidence ! Seriously boosted my business with innovative system !"

Louise Sinclair: Absolutely fantastic company to work with! So responsive and helpful.

With The B.E.A.S.T Marketing System, You'll Get:

  • Your own personalised web page – your own online real estate!
  • Fully optimised, original content to brand YOU! Not duplicate pages
  • Leads that are attracted TO you and happy to contact you

The B.E.A.S.T Marketing System Is an UNBELIEVABLE Bargain!

If you had to pay a SEO agency to build you a website and do all the necessary SEO, it would cost in excess of £2000 a month for the work we do.

We are making The Beast Marketing System available for a fraction of that.

And you’re getting an incredible value:

  1. fully optimised web page that you have full control over!
  2. all the technical and traditional SEO done for you (Massive!)
  3. your own login to enable you to edit your own page!
  4. training to help you learn about how to blog correctly and grow your online brand. You will be able to create your own blog posts to grow your authority.
  5. further ongoing training with access to our own membership site (coming soon)!

You get all these things for a low monthly payment and these are worth at least 10 times what you pay monthly on its own!

So, Let’s see the value you get with each Level in our system…

Basic Level:

  • 30 minute consultation (Value £100)
  • Blogging Course (Value £100)
  • Citation training (Value £50)
  • 1 Lead Magnet PDF to build an email list (Value £50)
  • Blogging Platform (Value £25 per month)
  • 1 DFY article every month written and posted for you (Value £20 per month)
  • SEO on page promotion (Value £40 per month)
  • Blog help and reviewing (Value £40 per month)
  • Free access to Affiliate Program with 25% recurring commission for memberships and 25% for course sales that will be sold separately to those outside the system.
  • There will be more training added and each will have its own value.

Total One Time Value: £300. Total Monthly: £125

Intermediate Level:

  • Everything as in Basic level with these exceptions and additions:

  • 3 Lead Magnets (Value £150)

  • 3 Articles per month (Value £60 per month)

  • Learn automated sharing and using IFTTT (Value £75)

  • Learn more about backlinks and how to do them (Value £75)

  • More about Branding using your own website.

  • Provide Hosting for discounted rate at £5 per month

  • Further Website Training (Value £100)

  • Affiliate at intermediate level will get 35% commission

Total One Time Value: £360 Monthly Value: £215

Advanced Level:

  • Everything as in Basic level with these exceptions and additions:
  • 7 Lead Magnets (Value £350)
  • 7 Articles per month (Value £140 per month)
  • Learn automated sharing and using IFTTT (Value £75)
  • Learn more about backlinks and how to do them (Value £75)
  • More about Branding using your own website.
  • Free Domain and 6 months hosting
  • Provide Hosting from month 6 at discounted rate of £5 per month
  • Further Website Training (Value £100)
  • Extra Strategies on How to make money online
  • Affiliate at Advanced Level will get 50% commission

Total One time Value: £800 Monthly Value: £300


£50 / Month:


£100 / Month:

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Don't Delay!

I urge you not to ignore this offer.

I know you don’t want to continue:

  • aimlessly chasing people with your offers
  • trawling Facebook and other social media for groups to post in
  • failing to get anyone’s interest!

​Sounds depressing, doesn’t it?

It would be if you couldn’t do anything to change it.

Fortunately, you can.

By signing up today, you can experience the difference between attraction and repulsion!

Try The B.E.A.S.T Marketing System and discover the difference for yourself!

We encourage you to treat the site as your own.

As a paying member of the system, it’s your website too!

Affiliate Program

When you join, you will be automatically accepted for our affiliate program.

We know that a new business needs funding and this is one method that can help that funding.

Getting sales and new members into the business with you can help to pay your monthly fee and more if you want that. We will be developing more products for you to promote as we progress and evolve.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

The idea behind the free 30 minute consultation is to help you understand more about what we do and how we can help you.

The meeting will include things like how we build out your personal page and the content we need from you to do that. We like to make it a personal experience and you know your business better than we do. You also have experiences that you can share that will encourage visitors to contact you if they relate well to you and your story.

We also get to know a little about you and therefore we can learn how to help you and serve you better.

Remember, our success is YOUR success.

Let's Recap:

What You Get When You Join...

Your own personalised web page – your own online real estate!

Fully optimised, original content to brand YOU! Not duplicate pages

Leads that are attracted TO you and happy to contact you

Access to our blog so you can freely write and promote your business

Ongoing Training and access to our membership site (coming soon)!

Each Level Has It’s Own Fantastic Value! Each For The Low Cost Of….


£50 / Month:


£100 / Month:

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

We Hope To Work With You Soon…

Best Regards:

Barrie Evans and William O’Toole.

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